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Devyani Food Industries (k)  Ltd is a company under RJ Corp India Group of companies. It is an ISO certified company with a wide portfolio of promising brands along with technologically-advanced processing plants and chilling centers. We are one of the most renowned brands in East Africa, serving primarily in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, and have gained a competitive edge over other industry players by delivering superior quality products made from handpicked ingredients from the best of the farms.

Our products including milk, flavored drinks, yogurts, etc. cater to a wide range of consumers and take care of the African population’s nourishment. We have blended innovative and environment-friendly practices into our operations and introduced the recyclable Aseptic PET and Tetra packaging that seals the freshness of our products while serving nature. Over the years, our products have kept several African families in tune with their spirits and given them the confidence and positivity to seize the day.

50M+ Happy Consumers
30+ Locations
60+ Products
500+ Employees

Our Vision & Mission

We strive to be the most admired global wellness and nutritive agriculture and beverages enterprise that ensures superior quality of life for our consumers, partners/producers, employees, and other stakeholders through innovative offerings.

Our People

We believe that our qualified staff is the real reason behind our growth and success, and their true commitment reflects in the confidence that our customers, vendors, shareholders and their extended families have in our products and services. Their dedication to deliver the best has enabled us to ensure complete nutrition across African families.

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Quality & Safety

We have broken new grounds when it comes to preserving the taste and health of our packaged products.

Our pre-sterilized Aseptic PET bottles guarantee ZERO spillage along with the ease of carrying, longer shelf life and enhanced hygiene. This is just an example of our R&D team’s dedication to upgrading the quality of our products, ensuring that you never have to compromise with the nutrition of your family.

Our Certifications

Our manufacturing plant in Nakuru has received various certificates of compliance, which ensures the quality and safety of all our products.


  • HALAL Certification
  • The Kenya Bureau of Standards ( KEBS) Certification
  • ISO Certification
  • Nairobi County License for Manufacturing
  • KENYA Dairy Board License for Milk Procurement, Dairy Processing / Packaging and Storage
  • The Kenya Bureau of Standards ( KEBS) Certification
  • KENYA Dairy Board License for Milk Procuremen , Dairy Processing / Packaging and storage
  • Nakuru County License for Manufacturing

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