Introducing Best Practices

Progressive Kenyans have a fast-paced and tireless life as they aspire for the best nutrition to be in sync with their lifestyle. Thus, supporting, celebrating and enabling an energetic lifestyle of the people serves as the larger purpose of Daima. We have based our principles on delivering the best to the people and nature while integrating innovation and technologies as a key part of our operations.

We have been ceaselessly introducing and implementing best practices in our farming solutions.Our state of the art manufacturing unit in Nakuru covers the entire East Africa region, and we have established new milk plants across the country, increased collection networks, and modernized our plants to international standards in order to deliver the best quality dairy products to our customers.

Revolutionary Aseptic Technology

We are driven to progressively serve more African families and keep them going throughout the day, tirelessly. Our nutritionists ensure that we continuously impart our renowned and unmatched values across the country.

We are the first dairy player in East Africa to have made our products available in the revolutionary Aseptic PET bottles, a step that has changed the face of the country’s dairy industry. Since 40 % of Kenyans are deprived of good quality processed milk and 65% of lower-middle-class homes don’t have access to refrigeration facilities, we introduced this revolutionary global technology in order to keep the natural freshness of our products intact for a longer time without adding any preservative, and provide our customers with convenience, quality and, value for money.

Packaging & Product

We aim to offer savoring experiences and are continuously adapting to the evolving needs of the consumers with utmost dedication and commitment. We are a pioneer company that introduced thick and creamy yoghurt in the Kenyan market. Furthermore, be it production or consumption, our endeavors for the betterment of all processes are constantly maturing.

In order to bridge the gap between hygiene and longevity, we introduced milk in pouches known as ESL (extended shelf life) and other beverages in Aseptic PET bottles that preserve the quality and taste of the products for a long period of time. This makes it possible for the consumers to enjoy our products to the fullest.

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